Seize Life! Journey

A bracelet that reminds you to Seize Life! fight and pray to take your soul's journey. Follow your soul, it knows the way.  ‚ÄčEach bracelet comes in a sheer pouch with a copy of the story.  Cost: $10 each plus $2 shipping. 

The Story

The red pearl symbolizes the gifts of passion, love and leadership that God has placed in your heart. The black onyx deflects the enemy that rises up against the gift burning in your heart; leaving you with a healthy ego, confidence and responsibility with the gifts.  The tiger eye symbolizes protection, personal power, stability and prosperity.  Last, but not least, the tassel symbolizes that you are ready to produce! to increase! to go! Seize Life! Die Empty. 


the Love Story

A bracelet that shares the story of Christ's life in a beautifully simplistic way. This item was featured at the New Hope Church Christmas Market in November 2017.

Nearly sold out, there are a few left in time for the holidays.  Each bracelet comes in a beautiful sheer pouch with a copy of the story.   Cost: $15 each plus $2 shipping.

The Story of Christ 
One night there was a bright star (the star) that lead 3 wise men (the 3 gold beads) bearing gifts (the blue gold stone beads)  to the Christ child, (diamonds). He was a carpenter (the wooden bead) , and a fisher of men,  (the fish bead) who had 12 disciples (12 diamond cut beads separated by silver rings).

He spread the word (the pearl bead) of Christ to the worldOne black day of hatred, envy, and death (the 3 black beads) , he was crucified on the cross (the cross) . He shed his blood (the red bead)  for us. He rose (the crystal bead)  and is now in heaven (blue pearl) , seated with the Father (the pearl bead) and the Holy Spirit (the pink pearl bead) . He did this to show His Great Love for us (the heart).  

Seize Life Products


"the temple"

A bracelet that reminds us that the body is a temple.  Wellness is essential to a believer's journey.  This is not the pursuit of the perfect clothes size or a perfect physique but a reminder that we strive for the highest possible good where our health is concerned.  This bracelet reminds us of our pursuit for wellness. 

Each bracelet comes in a beautiful sheer pouch.  Cost: $35 each includes shipping.


The bracelet is completely designed with smaller beads.  Small beads reminds us to eat smaller portions. The cross reminds us that the body is a temple.

Intermittent 15 hour fasting overnight through mid-morning (15 gold beads),

Sleep 7-10 hours (10 black and gold beads), 

Drink 70 ounces of water (7 clear beads).

The Lotus flower blossoms in mud, reminding us to sweat, be active and exercise.