Seeking to identify your passion and interest, the Strong Interest Inventory ® assessment is the perfect career tool to help you achieve career satisfaction. The package includes a Strong Interest Inventory assessment and one private coaching session.  

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“We change what leaders’ do, not who they are; we leverage their wisdom and learning to embrace the leader within and deliver maximum results.”
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Our Executive Coaches are International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed and have been trained in accredited programs. Each coaching engagement is laced with wisdom and experience that supports our coaching philosophy: to partner with our clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that positions them to maximize their potential, maintain accountability and achieve success. We coach executives, emerging leaders, career professionals and entrepreneurs. We help clients tap into their wisdom, lead with their strengths and mitigate blind spots.  We champion clarity, courage and action! Executive Coaching, Strategic Thinking Partner, Career and Life


Our performance consulting services begins with due diligence; this positions us to uncover either the ‘problem we are solving’ or to better understand 'the potential that we will unleash'. We have conversations with the decision-makers and when warranted, we have conversations across an organization with multiple stakeholders; these conversations include but are not limited to, 

  • Gathering formal feedback and assessments
  • 360 interviews with team members, leaders and relevant stakeholders
  • Attending meetings to observe team and organizational dynamics 
  • We share a summarized report and our proposal with our client(s) 

Solutions: Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Career Transition Coaching, Trust, Communication, Conflict, Accountability, Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusiveness and Individual Assessments

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Nice to Meet You! 6 Secrets That Help You Stop Wasting Time in Meetings

Do you spend your day in meetings that waste your time? Productive meetings will spare you the time to work on your most important  objectives.  These six secrets shared by a master facilitator will help you have meetings that clarify the most important topics,  get the right things done  and have sustainable outcomes.  Stop meeting like this!                                 


Our facilitation services include the design, planning and implementation of a structured engagement with a formal agenda.  Engagements span general meetings, board retreats, collaborative workshops and conferences.  To facilitate is to make easy; our facilitators are the stage manager for your engagement and will, 

  • Manage the dynamic exchange that takes place in a meeting
  • Use discretion in keeping the meeting on time and on schedule
  • Align actions in service to the achieving the desired outcome.   

Aside from having more effective meeting with sustainable outcomes, our facilitators model the roles and behaviors required for successful meetings; thus participants learn the skills necessary to self-facilitate future meetings.  We work with new teams, new leaders stepping into an existing team, teams in transition and teams that need to align on strategic direction.  We facilitate board retreats, team meetings, workshops, workplace conversations and discussion panels. Topics include mission and vision, strategic direction, difficult conversations and collaborations.